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Art Colure With Artistes — Curated By Jay Chou (Singapore)

Art Colure With Artistes — SingaporeArt Colure With Artistes — Singapore

Art Colure With Artistes — Curated By Jay Chou

December 2022, Singapore.

Unbeknownst to many, King of Mandopop Jay Chou is an avid art collector, and ENVISEAM has laid the grounds for the international artiste to unveil his collection to the masses.

The exhibition’s prelude is the entrée served as an introduction to audiences about the world of fine art and art collecting. Progressing on to the main exhibition, viewers are immersed into a more complex understanding of the arts and cultural experiences, thus shedding more light on the depth and sophistication of Chou’s accumulated body of works.

As Jay Chou brings to the table his own perspectives on the artworks, curious minds are welcomed to share in his journey of art appreciation and acquisition.


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