ENVISEAM realizes the next generation of concepts. We envision a world free of division and disillusionment, where the most brilliant minds in visual arts and culture integrate seamlessly to elevate cultural understanding and consciousness.
Through education, entertainment, and immersive content, ENVISEAM delivers meaningful, culturally enriching experiences to audiences at scale.
ENVISEAM is a vanguard of mainstream pop culture, enabling audience experiences that will serve as defining cultural touchstones for years to come.


Jazz LI

As a cultural leader, Jazz Li is a firm advocate for the inclusivity of the arts and to have it shared across a wider spectrum of audiences. With pertinence to his work and mission, Jazz takes on a distinctly sociological approach — coupled with multi-disciplinary analysis and an unrivalled ability to translate art into meaningful entertainment — to engage an established network in the fine art and entertainment industries.

Jazz’s projects bear the potential to draw critical masses and reach greater audiences, thus setting new benchmarks for the industry in the deliverance of a better world by transcending the boundaries of fine art and entertainment.

Roena ZHOU

Roena holds double bachelor’s and master’s degrees and specialises in Modern, Western, and 20th-Century Contemporary art. A former lecturer in art history at the China Academy of Art, Roena had a hand in the establishment of the academy’s secondary college. In 2014, Roena, together with her colleagues, co-founded The Institute for Collaborative Innovation in Chinese Visual Studies at the China Academy of Art. The Institute is recognised for its outstanding contributions to supporting exchanges between the East and the West in the fields of overseas Sinology and China Studies with Oxford University.

Roena has served as the art consultant of LVMH group in China since 2021. She is a regular contributor to newspaper art columns and art media publications such as ARTFORUM and is frequently invited to curate art exhibitions. As COO, Roena's profound knowledge in the arts and her experience in establishing new commercial operations enables her to offer ENVISEAM unique insights, guidance, and leadership to power the brand’s operations and growth.

Yuey TAN
VP, Brand Development and Legal

Explorer, collaborator, and creator, Yuey Tan serves as the VP of Brand Development and Legal Advisory at ENVISEAM. Admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Yuey started his career as an Intellectual Property lawyer with Finlaysons in South Australia.

Fate, however, took him down a more creative path, and in 2013 he left the corporate sphere to launch a series of hospitality projects including The Beer & Burger Bar (Melbourne), Big Birdy and Cali-Mex (Hong Kong). In between, he founded and ran Tomorrow Co., a branding agency with a focus on disruptive, purposeful design. Possessing an insatiably curious mind and an appetite to impact the world through the elevation of cultural understanding and consciousness, Yuey strives to ensure that the ENVISEAM brand maintains its place as a vanguard of mainstream pop culture.

KHOO Ghee Ting

With a keen interest and strong knowledge in the arts, Ting took up the scholarship offered by the Ministry of Education and started her career as an art educator.

She furthered her studies beyond fine arts and attained Singapore's first Visual Communication with Business Honours degree, equipping her with creative skills in contemporary art and outstanding marketing knowledge.

In her role as a Project Manager with ENVISEAM, she strives to shine the spotlight on the arts and creative industry in Singapore while bringing in disparate and new perspectives to the scene.

QIU Lishi
Executive Assistant
to The Management Team

With over 15 years of dedicated experience in supporting top and senior management, Lishi endeavours to be that strong and steady pillar for the management team in ENVISEAM, quietly working behind the scenes.

Highly independent and a versatile team player, she is passionate about supporting the team and making sure that they are able to focus on their core responsibilities.

She has previously worked with a number of prestigious leaders, Chief Executive Officers and Directors across government agency i.e. Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and private organizations i.e. Prudential Assurance and Indorama Healthcare (owner of Kinder Clinic).

Gabriella SALIM

Fresh out of university, Gabriella is one of the Executive Assistants to the CEO at ENVISEAM. You can frequently find her standing next to the CEO, ready to run any tasks assigned to her.

A responsible multitasker and team player, Gabriella has previously taken multiple leadership and management roles during her time in university. Furthermore, her experiences as an entertainer in Singapore, Korea and the United States has helped her gain unique skills and knowledge that makes her an outstanding professional among peers her age.

With her hard-working and energetic disposition, Gabriella aims to be the support system for the ENVISEAM team so that each member can focus on fulfilling their core responsibilities to their utmost potential.​

Kiki LU
Vice President

Kiki Lu is a distinguished authority in the field of contemporary art commercialization. She has provided her expertise to numerous private art museums and global art organizations. Notably, she offers unparalleled insights into the realm of private art collecting. With over a decade of hands-on management experience, Kiki Lu has cultivated both a robust theoretical framework and an extensive skill set in operational execution, underpinned by a comprehensive study of various artistic ecosystems.

As a recent addition to the ENVISEAM team, she brings a fresh, localized perspective to art commerce and is set to pioneer innovative models in art management.

DiKei WU

DiKei Wuis a person filled with curiosity and inclusivity. His background in music education has nurtured a deep passion for various forms of art and entertainment .This drives him to explore different fields, continuously gaining rich knowledge and experience through his journey.

Throughout this professional career, he has embraced this passion and dedicated himself to various cross-disciplinary experiences in fields such as luxury, musical theater production, advertising production, international healthcare, exhibitions, and business. With his exceptional communication skills, he has collaborated with colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds, understanding and embracing cultural differences to deliver collaborative projects. His experience in international cooperation across different cultures has nurtured him with flexibility and open-minded thinking.

After joining the ENVISEAM team, he aspires to contribute to ENVISEAM’s vision of creating an inclusive multicultural platform. Guided by the philosophy of integrity and mutual development, his aim is to foster strong and productive relationships with partners, facilitating the collaboration of art and culture. To empower the cultural industry for generations to come.

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Shen Tianshu
Chairman of New Media Art Foundation

Shen Tianshu is also an MBA mentor at the Beijing Normal University's School of Economics and Management, a guest curator at the Shenzhen Modern Art and Urban Planning Museum, as well as the Executive Consultant for Robb Report Lifestyle's Fashion Selection.

Shen entered the art investment advisory industry in 2004 with a focus on research for investment strategies pertaining to Contemporary Art.

2011 saw her lead the compilation of the first compendium on art collection and investment within China titled "Collector Development Plan: Beginner's Edition". The book was then published by CITIC Publishing House.

In 2018, Shen was appointed as the Director of the Central of Fine Arts Museum's Future Resource Centre.

In 2019, Shen went on to introduce and curate the Anish Kapoor exhibition within China and served as the overall executive for this international touring exhibition.

In 2022, Shen assumed the role of General Executive for the China Pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale, and currently in 2023, she serves as the General Executive for the "Real Topology: Media Art Shenzhen 2023" international media art exhibition.


Finance Advisor

18 years corporate finance and venture building experience with a Fintech specialization. Investment research and banking experience at Citi, Macquarie, Aviate Global (Bought by Religare). In 2015, he founded the venture builder Zero One which is a corporate finance and financial advisory firm recognized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Past clients include digital exchanges, digital banks, DLT, and DeFi applications such as SGX, ADDX, Fusang, HgX, NZX, Kilde, Hugo Save, and the Singapore Telecommunication company Circles.Life. Market analysis cited in Bloomberg, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, Straits Times, BusinessTimes, Tech in Asia, e27, Smartkarma. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst, with an MIT Fintech Certificate, and also a Tufts University BS in Biology.


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